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April 14, 2008
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Dark Interface Final by H3LLB0uND Dark Interface Final by H3LLB0uND
Final version [ for now ;) ].. Just a little practice interface thing.

had a lot of structural defects to sort out because I just made it up as I went along, but I did my best to save it from being total crap. :D

If you're bored you can see the start to finsh sequence here.


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AdventurelGrfix Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It's awesome. I hope to be as good as u in a couple of years. I practice all the time.
H3LLB0uND Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Hey I had a look at your gallery and you're on the right track so far. It won't take a few years if you keep practising.

Just don't worry too much about making perfect works of art.. make a whole heap of stuff and keep experimenting.
Don't worry if some things turns out crap, I made heaps of crap stuff - look at this one :…

Eventually you'll find your own groove and you'll be pumping out some cool stuff I'm sure.

Focus on the basics like building depth and being aware of your light source before worrying too much about small details.

And dont be afraid to copy different styles that you like, eventually you'll be able to make them your own.

Try to build up a set of techniques that you can use to create anything you like.

.. and most of all just remember to have fun.
AdventurelGrfix Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Ok cool thank u for the tips. Designing helps me relax it's a big stress reliever. I can't afford Photoshop so I use Gimp. 
blottah Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
i like it
IdeaLic Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
the development is very nice to see, good job!
picasso90 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
very nice, thank's for those tips :p
EliteAnson Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
see its stuff like this that makes me want to know more about adobe.... damnit why doesnt my metalic concept look like this......
SmarTramS Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2008
Nice man!
LilFlac3 Featured By Owner May 19, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Dawg if I could come just a LITTLE close to making something like this, I would throw a party lol. instant fav. This is the 1st thang I noticed when I clicked your designs. GREAT WORK.
depthdesign Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008
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